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$1500 Investment

Four 90 Minute embodied Coaching Sessions

You want to work with us; we’re an irreverent dynamic pair with a decade of experience and expertise. Together we’ll explore creative entrepreneurship through sustainable and mindful practices that guide you through the muck of self-doubt, help you establish a successful venture, and validate you so hard you won’t even believe we weren’t cheerleaders in a prior life.

  • We firmly believe in meeting you where you’re at, getting on your team, and pushing you forward. Get ready for real ass humxn connection, hella accountability, curated resources, and lifetime access to our online course.

  • We’ll facilitate connections between seemingly dissonant ideas to help you create vibrant and multifaceted work.

  • We’ll act as objective observers and a sounding board to realize your ideas by distilling and refining your intentions.

  • We’ll help construct an individualized framework for your own personal practice through rituals, sustainable habits, and embodied ways of working through fear and self-doubt.

  • You’ll uncover what values drive your venture, establish your principles, goals, and facilitate the development of your business strategy.

  • We’ll help you craft a unique voice while determining key elements in your brand's message and identity.

  • We’ll elevate your business thinking, help you create a kickass trauma-informed marketing strategy that doesn’t wear you out, so you can still gain exposure, monetize, and grow your business. 

Roster is currently full
Accepting Applications Nov. 2019


$85 Investment

Cloud Form 101 (crash course)

This course is the foundation of both our thriving practices, philosophies, and years of dynamic experience. It’s a supportive and magical space for you to learn and grow as a creative entrepreneur. We firmly believe in your ability to do the damn thing and let your vision take up real space in the world. Take this course if you want to enhance your creative mindset and business skills; if you’re planning a big project, venture, or needing direction in fulfilling your goals; if you want to balance a creative practice and run a sustainable business that doesn’t wear you out; if you have good ideas but keep letting fear, procrastination or self-doubt get in the way of putting them into action; if you want to prioritize well-being over the hustle, practice embodied entrepreneurship, and utilize trauma-informed marketing skills.

Get your Cake + eat it too?

  • Don’t have the budget to work with us 1 on 1? We got you! Take this self-paced course and get all the practices, resources, and strategies we implement with our coaching clients on your own terms!

  • Not sure if you want to work with us? You can take this course and see if you like our vibe + ethos! If you happen to dig our style and apply to work with us 1 on 1, we’ll refund the $85 you invested in the course.

  • Not quite ready or feel like a good fit for coaching? It’s okay if we’re not your cup of tea, or maybe the course will be all you need to get going! You’ll still get plenty of resources toward making your vision a reality and have unlimited access to the course. Click the link below to see a sneak peek into what each course section entails!


Small number of scholarships available
for BIPOC, queer and trans folx

Advising sessions will happen virtually through Zoom (free)
We utilize Google Docs for sharing information (free with gmail email)